Wednesday, April 9, 2014

and I am finally a platoon leader in combat

After a very short wait that seemed to drag on forever, I was given the honor of leading a platoon. I had a very short notice to pack up all my bags and get on a convoy heading out to my new home: Masum Ghar.
If you do happen to google it, please ignore the photos that show up of celebrities visiting the base. Those days are long gone here since we are in the process of shutting down FOBs/COPs everywhere. I'd say the living conditions that we now have here are lower than what I had at COP Tangi in 2010, but they're still certainly not bad at all. And my goodness does it feel good to be away from FOB Pasab.
Anyways, my life is currently consumed with signing for the platoon's property and trying to figure out as much as I can before the guy I'm replacing leaves. Eventually I'll get some photos up on here.

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JihadGene said...

God bless you, your troops, and family LOOONG time!!!